On the road with Lil Grizz

This page will be the home to a blog written by Lil Grizz himself from time-to-time as he travels the country in the form of letters to Mizz Grizz and the cubs (Duncan, Maudie, & Alfie).

Lil Grizz & Mizz Grizz sitting on the porch of the Trading Post

Lil Grizz & Mizz Grizz sitting on the porch of the Trading Post

31 comments on “On the road with Lil Grizz
  1. jas herrington says:

    I`ve ben lookin 4 a hat 4 awhile now. Gotta b blak 4″ brim that goes down N front & bak & level on the sides. let me no

  2. RANDY WILSON says:

    just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. Randy

  3. David Ritchie says:

    I own two of Lil Grizz’s finest. Great hatmaker, gentleman, and verbalist cut from the finest cloth. You could not do better than one of his hats.

  4. Jarod S says:

    Thank you for the amazing hat (the Lil Grizz). I will cherish it for the rest of my days. The quality and the custom fit are truly amazing. I can’t seem to express my feelings enough for the Lil Grizz. I also wanted to say thank you for the inscription on the inside band – makes something that is perfect even better (if possible) I will be getting another. Truly a treasure.

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  24. turtle joe says:

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